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Need To Know YouTube Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts

Ever wondered if there was a way to download YouTube content? Or maybe how to ad timestamps to your videos or shared links?

If you can say yes to one of the above, then maybe I can provide a free and timesaving solution for you.

But as I would imagine most of you probably already know the solutions, I’m about to put in front of you. But, sometimes I get a bit surprised at how little people I know, actually knows of the options and shortcuts for YouTube, all do, they use the platform a lot.

I can’t claim to be a YouTube expert. But, thought I would share some of these tips I have found useful.

Downloading YouTube content

First of all, as you probably know Youtube just launched YouTube Premium and they are proud to say, that you finally, have the option to download videos if you pay for the premium version.

Personally, I find that argument very strange since I have downloaded YouTube content for a very long time, but could be YouTube offers better quality than my solution.

So, how did I do that?

Well, if I go to a page like for example this Lofi hip-hop mix I often listen to when being creative; )

All I would have to do, for me to download it, would be placing ss at the beginning of the link before Y, as shown below;

( )

Then you will land on the page shown below.

how to download youtube videos 600x398.png

Here you click the (download video in browser) and the download option will pop-up. Here you will find some different options of the download such as, with or without sound,  file type, and quality.

The site will display Adds for better quality download but stick to the mission, because, I have never found it necessary, so, no need to pay for the advertises Apps!

On rare occasions when clicking the download button the file will play the video and if that’s the case go to the bottom right corner to settings and choose download from there.

Of course, keep in mind what you use the downloaded content for, so you dont get copyright issues.

How to chose where the video starts when sharing with others

This trick is pretty useful if you got a long video you want to share with friends, and the climax of the video is at 14m53s and therefore want it to start just before that.

All you have to do is to put the time into the end of the shared link with ( #t= ) like in the example below; ) )

If you are logged into YouTube they provide an easier way to do this, just click the share button below the video and use their option to set the time of start.

Using timestamps

If you got a YouTube Channel as a content creator or just uploading hobby videos, then you should consider making timestamps in your video description it’s as simple as writing 2:50 in the description and it will be turned into a timestamp your audience can use to go directly to that timeline.

So, why is this important? It’s important for numerous reasons, first being that YouTube got a love for channels that use timestamps, and so does the algorithms.

Another good reason to use them is that when one of your viewers comes to your video, and maybe lose interest in watching all the video if you then have a phrase in the description referring to a climax, give away, something else interesting saying something like “jump to this point of the video for(whatever)” 2:50

Then when they click the 2:50 timestamp their view now counts as 2 views, imagine if you have a lot of timestamps and what that will do to your view stats!

Just remember to keep them relevant, catchy maybe with an ounce of clickbait but never too much.

YouTube shortcuts

Finally, I want to throw in all the shortcuts and if you use YouTube a lot I strongly believe it’s worth investing time to learn the ones, that are of most use to you. This will save you a lot of time when on a YouTube spree and navigating through videos.

Spacebar Pause/Play video (player focus required)
K key Pause/Play video (doesn’t require focus)
 (Arrow key up) Turn up volume 5%
 (Arrow key down) Turn down volume 5%
M key Mute/unmute volume
 (Arrow key left) Move backward 5 sec
 (Arrow key right) Move forward 5 sec
L key Move forward 10 sec
J key Move backward 10 sec
0 / Home key Restart the video
End key Skip to the end
Num keys 1,2,3..9 Move the played content to the respective percentage, of 10%-90%
F key Enter or exit full screen
Esc key Exit full screen
Ctrl + → Move to next video (only in playlist)
Ctrl + ← Move to previous video (only in playlist)
Tab key Move forward in player control buttons
Shift + Tab Move backward in player control buttons
Enter Execute select player control button
C key Turn on/off CC (closed captions)
+ key Increase CC font size when it’s turned on
 key Decrease CC font size when it’s turned on
B key Change CC background color
> key Increase play speed
< key Decrease play speed
Shift + P Play previously played video
Shift + N Play next video in recommendation/playlist
/ key Place text cursor in the search field to start typing
Esc key Focus away from the search field if text cursor is there
, (comma) Move backward per frame when the video is paused
. (period) Move forward per frame when the video is paused



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