Samsung Galaxy S4 Tablet in Test

The predecessor’s slightly obsolete indemnity has been updated with a more modern processor, although it is not the newest one.

Cheap tablets are not hard to come by, but if you want a more expensive model, there is more than a toy, the supply is thin. Especially if it’s going to run Android. The last one I bought was the Galaxy Tab S3, which I quickly proclaimed the best Android tablet. But surely it was not perfect, but now the successor Samsung Galaxy S4 Tab is here and promises improvements in most areas. and I’m ready to put it to a test.

Appearance and design

The most obvious difference is that Samsung has followed the mobile model and shrunk the frame. As a result, they have been able to squeeze a larger screen without changing the outer dimensions very much. And it’s not a bad screen, but with a good contrast from the AMOLED panel and high resolution, which makes it a pleasure to show images. Or watch movies.

You can also enjoy the AKG-trimmed sound, now supporting Dolby Atmos. Really good for a tablet!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Tab In use

Where Galaxy Tab differs from its competitors, is with a wide range of accessories. With a keyboard, it can replace a laptop while traveling. With the excellent Wacom pen, you can both make sketches and use all the smart shortcuts to get the job done faster. And in the office, you can use the Dex docking station and connect the tablet to a big screen.

The user interface is automatically adjusted to make it more computer-friendly, making S4 easier to use than Android’s default user interface. I also like the improved face recognition that rarely kicks.


The predecessor’s slightly obsolete indemnity has been updated with a more modern processor, although it is not the newest one. For easier tasks, it’s 10-20 percent faster, while multi-threaded apps are actually 65 percent faster. Also, the graphics have accelerated by 35 percent. It is more than enough for most applications.

So, the Galaxy Tab S4, has improved a lot compared to its predecessor, and I maybe have to proclaim it`s the best Android tablet on the market.

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