The World’s Cutest Elephant Is Back In Dumbo The Movie

Disney is waking up all our old favorite Disney cartoons again. And now Disney is ready with the first trailer for their new Dumbo movie.

Sweetest Little Dumbo

Most people know the old Disney classic about the elephant Dumbo with the very big ears. The old Disney cartoon dates back to 1941, and even though i love the cartoon, i do not actually think that Dumbo has ever looked sweeter than he does in this trailer for the new Dumbo movie.

The movie is about the little baby elephant with very big ears, all of whom are laughing at. But the little baby elephant can do something that no other elephants can. He can fly. 

It is Tim Burton who has made the new Dumbo movie together with Disney. You may know him from movies like Nightmare Before Christmas and Alice in Wonderland from 2010. And there are also several famous actors which can be see in the trailer.

Watch the new teaser trailer below.

© Disney

It`s hard to watch this trailer without provoking a tear in your eyes – Dumbo has simply never been so cute! I`m definitely looking forward to the film premiering in cinemas on around March 2019.

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