Coming Soon; New Emojis In 2019

It is and always remains a piece of joyous news when new emojis are released. Or maybe this is just the case with the online generation?

I`m now happy to announce that all the new emojis we haven’t been able to live without, are coming in 2019 …

It’s hard to believe they can keep coming up with new emojis. But then, it always ends up being some you didn’t know you lacked. This time, for example, the new yawning emoji and, of course, the “otter” one – how could we ever live without an otter-emoji?

Our Favorites

My favorites on the list must be the cute otter-emoji and also the yawning emoji, just because they are some of the best new emojis in 2019 and therefore must be part of our emoji catalog.

Don`t say you’ve never tagged your girlfriend in an odder video on Facebook. Everyone loves otters!

And aren’t we a bit tired of always using the snoring/sleeping emoji?  

Could it be cuter?
It’s finally here!
Emojipedia calls it “Pinching Hand,” but we all know well in what context it is going to be used, right?

It is brilliant. And my guess is that woman are the minds behind this emoji.

Something Completely Different

… That there really must be some nice people who develop new emojis, because they have become so versatile and inclusive. First, the different skin colors were designed, then we also got different hair types and colors, and now they have gone even further. 

The new emojis in 2019 contains both people who are blind, deaf, sitting in a wheelchair, and then there are body prostheses. Awesome!

Check out the new emojis below or visit to see all the 230 emojis which will be launched in 2019.


Which emoji are you looking forward too? And do you have an idea to an emoji you would like to see go into production?


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