Oscars 2019; Spike Lee Walked In Anger

Most times, when your movie doesn’t win an Oscar, you usually smile and clap for your competitor. That’s not how Spike Lee rolls.

The instructor’s BlacKKKlansman was nominated in the main category Best Movies when the Oscar-academy awarded statuettes this year.

But his movie about racism in America in the 70s was beaten by the feel-good movie Green Book, which is also about racial tensions, but in the 60s.

Green Book hadn’t deserved it. That`s the only way to interpret Spike Lee’s reaction.

When the winner was announced, Spike Lee got up, left his seat, and went unhappy to the back of the room, according to a writer from the Deadline media who was present at the Kodak Theater.

Controversial winner

Green Book won three Oscar statuettes on Sunday night. However, it did not turn into gold for Danish-American Viggo Mortensen starring in the lead role.

The film about a black jazz pianist who starts an unusual friendship with his white private driver has been in a minor shit storm up to the Academy Awards.

The film is based on a real story, but it has been accused of misrepresenting facts and the harsh reality of blacks in the southern ’60s.

Spike Lee’s films are often critical of the inequality between black and white in the United States. He received an Honorary Oscar for a long and groundbreaking career in 2016, but he has never won an Oscar in competition until yesterday where he won the award for Best Adapted Manuscript for the BlacKKKlansman.

“Wrong decision”

But maybe he had hoped for more.

When journalists, after the show, asked for his reaction concerning Green Books victory in the main category, he said, according to Indiewire, with a champagne glass in his hand: “Let me just take a sip!”

“I thought I was sitting on the long side in The Garden (Madison Square Garden sports arena in New York, ed.) And the judge made the wrong decision!”

“Every time someone drives around with someone else, I lose!”

Spike Lee

Many have argued that Spike Lee should have won in the category of Best Movie already in 1990 with his breakthrough, Do the Right Thing.

He also believes this himself. To the journalists, he joked that in 1990 he lost to the Morgan Freeman movie Driving Miss Daisy, while now losing to another story of a private driver:

“Every time someone drives around with someone else, I lose!

At least I`m happy that Spike Lee, after all, got a well-deserved statuette for Best Manuscript.


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