Easy Trick To Fall Asleep Quickly

One of the worst things I know is to stay awake for a long time because I can`t fall asleep. When your mind just keeps going over and over with mindless thoughts. Do you have the same problem?

When it comes to falling asleep quickly my best trick has always been to turn around – 180 degrees. So, I lie with my head at the other end. It sounds very brittle, but sometimes it has helped.

However, I have been looking for a better trick to fall asleep quickly, and i found it in a Danish lifestyle magazine, and after some time it actually worked.

The ultimate military-trick to fall asleep quickly

Yes, it’s a trick they use in the military so they can fall asleep quickly. Sleep is vital to us all, and especially to people in the military where a quick rest is very important. Therefore, you should have confidence in this method.

But exercise does master because the trick works best if you have used it for a period of six weeks. In fact, it has been documented that the method has a success rate of 96 percent! 

What you should do …

That said, it’s a quite easy trick, which does not require much of you. It consists of two different parts. First, make sure you do not think of anything. So try to create a empty void inside your head.

For example, you can completely relax in the face muscles – and here it applies to ALL the muscles of the face, including the jaw and tongue. It may be that your mouth should be open, and perhaps  the tongue should hang slightly from the mouth as if you were a dog. 

Then continue the relaxation of the muscles in the rest of the body. Start at the shoulders and move downwards until you finally relax in the whole body and all the muscles of the body. At the same time, take deep and heavy breathing so that you also are relaxed in the chest.

Once you have a completely relaxed body and a clear head for about ten seconds, you have to make a choice. You must imagine one of these things:

  • You are in a canoe on a calm river with nothing but a blue sky.
  • You say ‘do not think, do not think, do not think’ over and over again for ten seconds.
  • I found my own way and the best for me is to focus on darkness, in other words i see the color black in my mind.

Voila! You should be able to sleep within two minutes. But remember that it may require a little training, so give it time – maybe several weeks. Good luck!


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