Do You Feel Sad? Change Your Mood In 60 Seconds

Sometimes it takes no more than a minute to change your mood for the better if you feel sad. Get guided to an effective mini-meditation that you can easily use in everyday life.

If you feel sad or depressed, It can quickly impact negatively beyond your everyday life, where you lack energy, to do your work, and socialize with others around you. Fortunately, you can change your mood for the better, it just takes you one minute to focus on your thoughts and lead them down a much more comfortable and constructive path. 

Get guided to an effective mini-meditation below that could lift your mood right away.

1 Minute Meditation

Gratitude acts as an instant antidote to sadness and a bad mood. It is actually virtually impossible to feel both depressed and grateful at the same time. Therefore, this little mini-meditation has gratitude as the focal point.

1. Close your eyes.

2. Think of three people or things that you are grateful for – and here your cell phone does not apply! You must choose three things that you are truly grateful for. 

For example, it can be a special person in your life, the person who gave you his place in the train, the good health of your children or that it did not rain today … It does not matter whether it is large or small – it all counts. Even coffee can be on the list.

3. Open your eyes.

Like that! It’s easy … Hope it worked for you.


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