5 Easy Ways To Make Clothes Look More Expensive

Yes, it’s actually quite simple, as a friend would tell me. Read an learn five easy ways to get your new or old clothes findings to look more expensive.

1. Change your buttons

If you have purchased the clothes with buttons, they will probably be made of plastic and do not look like much. It may seem like a small insignificant thing, but a few nice looking buttons in good materials like pearl, horn or tree can make a big difference.

Shop for buttons on sites like eBay for a small sum of money and replace them yourself or pay your dry cleaner or tailor to do it. It does not cost much, and your clothes will look much better and in some ways unique.

2. Use less hot water and soap

Hot water and soap are not candy for your clothes, which eventually goes out of shape and lose color if you wash it too frequently. Most expensive clothes in, for example, silk and wool cannot tolerate machine wash, so treat your cheap clothes as expensive and make it last. 

However, stains on the clothes cannot be avoided now and then, but a good tip is to clean your clothes with a little lukewarm water and soap under the tap, otherwise, reduce the temperature when washing in the machine. Also, it is even better for the environment!

3. Steam, steam, steam!

Yes, you heard right! Replace the good old iron and the accompanying ironing board with a so-called steamer. The steamer does not take up much space, and then it smoots your clothes in the most elegant way.

As a bonus, the steam from the steamer also does not wear down your clothes as much as the iron from the ironer, and you can use it on all material types and get the best fall after a steam trip.

4. See a tailor

It may be those jeans from Levi`s that are just awesome. The color, the cut, and the material seems perfect! And it does not matter if they do not fit as they should, they are to cool leaving hanging in the store.

Clothes that fit poorly most often looks cheap and do nothing for your look. Fortunately, there is an easy way to solve the problem. You can buy those jeans as long as you stop by your local tailor on the way home. 

Obviously, it will cost money, but he or she can certainly make them sit right with your figure, and you have still saved money if you got the jeans on a discount.

5. Color check

Avoid clothing in brown patterns and colors when shopping high street, and as a rule, choose black items or styles in clear colors. 

Most often, it is hard for the high street manufacturers to make a beautiful brown color and patterns in brownish shades. They usually have more luck with the bright colors and the classic blacks, which can often look expensive even though the price is small.


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