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6 Signs That You Lack Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for energy levels, bones, blood pressure and much more. However, studies show that many people do not get enough d-vitamin.

The d-Vitamin has many good qualities. It helps at the energy level, keeps blood pressure in check, makes the bones stronger, and can be a contributing factor in weight loss and prevents certain types of cancer.

These six symptoms often reveals if you are missing the vitamin. Check here if you should turn up the intake.

1. You sweat for no apparent reason

Can you feel the sweat pile on the forehead, even when you do less demanding activities like washing the dishes or reaching out for the remote control? Then it may be a sign of missing vitamin D.

It is important to get  the  vitamin through the diet, and it may be necessary to put up with a diet plan. Fish is the only food that batters in the d-vitamin category. Fats, meat, eggs, dairy products, and mushrooms also give a little supplement on the account.

2. You sleep restlessly without Vitamin D

Do you suffer from sleeping disorders? Even if you have cut down on the caffeine and banished the phone from the bedroom? Then a shot of the d-vitamin probably will help you.

3. Your muscles and joints are weak

Along with calcium, the vitamin increases bone, joint, and muscle strength, which means that vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of joint pain and fractures. If you run, pay particular attention to your intake of both calcium and vitamins as they are important.

4. You are often affected by illness

If you find it difficult to get started, then find a training buddy that ensures that you do not skip the training. If a flue and coughing often hit you, it can be a sign that you have a vitamin deficiency. Many people often suffer from disease during the winter months due to the lack of d-vitamin from the sun.

5. You are often in a bad mood

Studies show that there is a clear correlation between depression and lack of the vitamin in our blood.

6. You are losing your hair

If you suffer from hair loss, one of the explanations may be iron and/or vitamin-d deficiency. Sunshine is, as you know, the best source of  the d-vitamin. You only need 5-30 minutes to fill up the depots.

The above mentioned consequences, also applies to many other things than the lack of vitamin d, of course!


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