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5 Surprising Benefits Of Doing The Plank Every Day

It only takes one minute! I have found the best benefits of making the plank, and there is actually no reason not to do it.

If you want to become more fit, but dumbbells and fitness do not attract you. Then the plank is probably the right solution, it certainly is for me.

The plank is the most effective strength training exercise you can do because you use the entire body, and you can achieve good results in a relatively short period – and it only takes one minute a day.

1. You improve your abdomen and back muscles and your performance

If you want a toned stomach region, the plank is the ideal exercise. Not only do you train your six-pack, but you also exercise the oblique abdominal muscles and all muscles in the abdominal muscles. In addition to that, you also reinforce other important muscle groups, because all muscles do their best to keep you in a correct plan position.

In addition, you also strengthen your arms and biceps, and your back and leg muscles – so you also get more toned, strong arms and firm buttocks.

2. Your metabolism will experience a boost

As the plank challenges your entire body, it is also more effective than other exercises when it comes to burning calories – if you do the exercise every day. It is especially good for you who spend most of your week sitting in front of a computer monitor at work.

If you do the plank every day before or after work between 10 seconds and a minute, you will see that your metabolism will not only increase, but it will also stay high during the day – even when you sleep.

3. You will get a better posture

You strengthen all the muscles that make you get a better posture, and with the better posture there are a lot of other benefits:

  • Your bones and joints are right in relation to each other so that they will remain healthy for a long time.
  • When you have the right posture, you will experience less back pain.
  • You will exude more self-confidence.

4. Your body becomes more flexible

If you make the plank regularly, it will stretch your back muscle groups, namely shoulders, shoulder blades, and collar legs. At the same time, you also extend your legs, feet, and toes.

If you want to stretch the oblique muscles and feel that you master the regular planks, you can expand it to the angle where you are sideways. It will be a more beneficial exercise, because there you will stretch your toes even more.

5. There are also mental benefits

Exercise and especially strength training is good for stress and tension as it helps the muscles to open up (and get rid off any aggression). 

Not only does the plank exercise soothe your mind, but the it can also help you get a clean mental mind – so there are only benefits to doing this exercise as a part of your daily routine.


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