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What Is The Difference Between Mandarins And Clementines?

We love clementines! And we are also like mandarins… You have probably also wondered what’s the difference really between the two fruits?

Both fruits are a Mandarin

Yes, it`s true. A mandarin is an overall term – meaning that both mandarins and clementines are actually mandarins. A clementine is just a type of mandarins. It may sound a bit crazy, but still true. And that also means that you are always on the safe side if you call both fruits a mandarin.

However, there is still a difference between Mandarins and Clementines

Yes, both can be called a Mandarin, but you still distinguish them anyway. This is because, although a clementine is always a mandarin, a mandarin is not necessarily a clementine. It may sound a bit wary – I know.

How to spot a Clementine

Not only is a clementine free from grains and has thinner peel than the mandarin, but it is also a bit sweeter. Furthermore, you can spot the clementine by its brighter color of the two – just a tip for when you’re in the supermarket and have to choose. The Mandarin has a dark orange color, while the clementine is much brighter.


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