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Why You Lose Breath When Climbing Stairs

Do you live on the fifth floor? And do you not have an elevator? Then I really feel sorry for you!

Even though you might climb the stairs every day, you never get used to it, do you? It gradually begins to get a little embarrassing … But that’s not the case. 

I think it is very few people who do not have breathing difficulties when they have just climbed such a hell, or should heaven. But why do you get so tired of taking the trip up the stairs?

Don’t blame it on the…

You can easily be in good shape, even if you get tired of climbing stairs. It is not necessarily your fitness that is causing your heavy breathing or lack of it. When we climb the stairs, we unconsciously breathe less. 

You’ve probably tried to forget about breathing when you have focused on training or something else. At the same time, our muscles need extra oxygen when going up the stairs. It is the low oxygen content in our blood that makes us breathe faster. It’s the same for everyone. However, which step you get breathed on is individual.

So you no longer have to hide that you are out of breath by climbing stairs. You can be entirely sure that the witnesses to your battle with the steps feel the same way as you.

Climb the Stairmaster

If you still find it embarrassing that a couple of small steps can ruin you completely, there are fortunately more ways to get your breath back. You can, among other things, take the stairs more often. I know it sounds boring. But it does help!

It goes without saying that the more you walk on the stairs, the more your body gets used to it, and the less you get tired. If you do not encounter stairs in your everyday life, you can always take a walk on the Stairmaster in the gym. 

You not only get better at climbing stairs, but you also get a wild booty out of it. Win-win! You can also do interval run – it improves your oxygen uptake in the body. Just wait, all of a sudden, you’re a real master of stairs.


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